Optimizing the landing page of your website

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In this guide, we describe what is needed in making an effective landing page for your website.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page on your website that is normally reached from a search engine result page, an email link, a social media post or an advertisement. The landing page normally elaborates on the message that was conveyed in the ad or email or post.

So how do you optimize your landing page?

Optimize your CTA

Your CTAs are the most crucial elements on your landing page. The visitor should be able to easily find them and take action. The entire content on your landing page design should nudge the visitor towards the CTA elements on your website.

Keep your landing page simple

Unnecessary distractions are to be avoided on your landing page. Keep the visitor focused on the main message of the website.

Landing page should be mobile responsive

Your landing page should not force a mobile user to excessively scroll. Keep the information short and to the point. A mobile user should be able to find the most important information quickly and then click on the call to action button. Decrease any content that distracts the visitor from the main purpose of the landing page

Use readable fonts

Fonts are critical for a good landing page design. You should select fonts that are legible and of the right size. When deciding on the fonts, keep the following in mind
a)Choose a font that will look legible across different screen sizes
b)Keep the number of different fonts on a page to the minimum
c)White space between characters makes the text more readable so increase that space

Make your landing page engaging

Mix good text content with interesting images to keep your visitor focused. Different types of media like videos, animations,infographics should be used in your website design to increase engagement.

Use Testimonials

If you are selling something on your landing page then make sure you include genuine testimonials from your previous clients. The Trust factor that is generated from user testimonials will help spike up your sales.

Create different landing pages targeting different audiences

Make your landing page relevant to the segment of audience that you are targeting .Test different versions of the landing page to find which one works best.

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