What Are The Benefits Of Flutter App Development? Or What Are The Six Advantages Of Developing Apps On Flutter?

What are flutter and the main purpose of flutter?

Flutter can be one of the best in use for developing apps for Android and iOS, as it helps in not having us write in a different codebase for each platform specifically.

Flutter does not require a runtime module or a browser.

It combines the ease of development with native performance while still keeping in mind the visual consistency across platforms. Flutter makes sure it takes advantage of the power of the Dart programming language to deliver a fast, smooth, responsive, and high-performance mobile development experience on both platforms.

Google also uses Flutter for several modules of the Google Assistant and for the UI of the Google Home hub.

E-commerce companies/services such as eBay, Groupon or Alibaba Group use Flutter to give their mobile and web apps a uniform look and to make sure conditions are met.

Why is flutter better than others?

Flutter vs React Native

Performance wise there is no connection of bridges to begin interactions with the device's native components in a flutter, which helps in better performance as compared to React Native which leverages JavaScript to connect to the native components using a bridge.

Flutter VS Android studio

Faster development & superior UI: With respect to development Flutter uses Dart and android studio uses java, making flutter the faster one to use

Flutter VS Angular

Speed: Though Angular is more stable it requires a third-party app which makes it slower compared to flutter which doesn’t require a third-party app as it runs by Dart programming language and has its library.

How long it takes to become a flutter developer

Learning from scratch will take months for sure. First, you need to learn Dart as a programming Language, Dart style guide, programming pattern, object-oriented concepts etc. This could take you a couple of weeks/month to feel comfortable coding

Pros of Flutter app development (in detail)

One codebase

Flutter’s code reusability allows you to write just one codebase and use it on mobile Android, iOS web, desktop and more. This reduces development time significantly, removes the cost and enables you to launch your app that much faster.

Countless possibilities due to its all-widget principle

Flutter’s custom widgets are very useful when it comes to creating great visuals for your app. Also, you don’t have to worry about the UI on different devices.

Rich libraries

The Skia Graphics Library is a quick and mature open-source graphics library. It refreshes the UI every time a view is changed. The result is a fast-loading and smooth app experience.

Fast testing/debugging

The hot reload feature makes app development much quicker and easier. With Flutter the need to reload the app to see every single change you make in the code is not necessary. You can make changes in your app in real-time, so you have more opportunities to experiment with the code and fix bugs on the go.

Complexity of UI

An advantage of Flutter is the ability to customize anything you see on the screen, no matter the complexity. It is possible to do a very custom UI on the native platforms as well but the amount of effort required is based on the complexity and order magnitude.

Increased Time-to-Market Speed

Flutter development framework functions quicker than others as we don’t have to write any platform-specific code to obtain the desired visuals in the application. , Flutter also provides a declarative API for building UI which boosts the performance.

Cons of Flutter app development

There are no perfect technology solutions, and Flutter is no exception. Flutter’s disadvantages aren’t exactly deal-breakers, but here are a few points why it might not be the ideal toolkit for a specific application.

Widgets can take up a lot of space and size

Flutter apps can sometimes be quite big in size and “heavy” to start with. They occupy a lot of space due to the widgets and sometimes even take longer time to update or download

Complex updating

Updating of flutter modules is necessary as it is required to update programming requirements in operating systems, as the flutter modules are integrated as fixed elements in the program therefore the latter must also be re-compiled and re-installed on the system devices

Few numbers of tools and libraries

Flutter is a quite new development framework, so at times you may not be able to get the desired functions in the current library. Flutter will take time to create certain tools, expand functionality and develop the community.

Top 10 apps built with the flutter framework

Google Advertisements

This is a mobile app that allows you to manage Google advertisements directly from your smartphone. It’s a condensed interpretation of a desktop platform for you to track announcement affairs from any position, it includes statistics, the capability to modernize flings and budgets in real-time, live cautions, keyword editing, and the feature to communicate with a Google expert.

Alibaba Group

Alibaba is one of the world’s most famous online shopping markets. Flutter’s learning curve is much lower and has a feature called “hot reload.” Because of Flutter’s unique feature list, Alibaba was able to rapidly develop one of the most successful eCommerce apps currently available.

Postmuse – Instagram print editing app

Instagram is used to view, edit, and design multiple Instagram photos. However, also PostMuse protects it. This app with the help of flutter helps us to recommend stylish picture, so your social media marketing looks authentic and creative.


It was created especially for the band’s massive group of people to keep them informed of all music news. The Hamilton app had a karaoke function for those that want to sing along to their favorite songs, a regular quiz game, and access to a variety of Hamilton lottery games, also exclusive videos and slideshows.


Tencent started with Flutter. It is a famous name in some of the games and digital content, as Tencent wanted to make the work experience of its users more intuitive and easier it made use of the flutters code reusability feature.


The app helps you to buy and sell vehicles from your phone. In the app, sellers can take a photo of their license plate and fill out all the vehicle details. eBay Motors is comparatively different from other Flutter apps as it follows the Flutter app templates, uses Machine Learning and personalized feeds to automatically classify photos, and is built on the Flutter platform.


Sonos is a service that helps connecting to other music services, the main aim of Sonos is to combine all of the different music services and make them play in a single app, and due to the need of cross platforming it used the help of flutter

Groupon App

Groupon is another company that is an example of one that uses a pre-made application. It contained apps that were made for the client as well as apps that were made for the business.


The previous version of the My BMW app was designed for iOS, though an Android version was available. The versions were comparatively different so later BMW looked into a different solutions. Flutter’s cross-platform development was very useful to their decision and quick time-to-market.


Reflectly is an AI-powered particular journaling operation that joins cognitive-behavioral remedy, contemplation, and positive psychology to help drug users manage certain things like diurnal stress, resolve negative studies, and remain positive. It helps the user to express their feelings and care for their internal health. It uses flutter and provides us detailed and understandable perspectives into how the days are going by, it also helps experts to help us manage any health issues

The future of flutter

The future of flutter development is bright. The framework is still in its beginning stages and has a lot of space for growth. It is developed by Google, which will provide us with plenty of support.

For example, Flutter has native support for vector graphics and animations, and developers can create complex UI designs without relying on third-party libraries or frameworks.


You will have an application whose UI is pixel-perfect and state-managed properly. You will also have fun during your development experience and will also help the Flutter community to grow. Flutter app development cost depends on various factors like how long the developer has worked and what all tools and technologies were used during the development phase, on average, the cross-platform applications will range from $37,000 to $171,450 and go up to $500,000. The hourly rate developers charge to build these applications is $150 per hour in India. You can learn flutter app development on www.flutter.dev and watch related YouTube videos about developing mobile apps.

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